Vision: “To provide clean potable drinking water at an affordable price”


Founded in 1988 in Stouffville, Ontario by Jim Bell, Superior Water is proud to be your local water specialist, bringing softer, cleaner water to your home, cottage and business.  The company is proud to have served more than 6000 commercial and residential customers over the last 20 years.


Prior to creating Superior Water, Jim Bell, a resident of Stouffville, was well aware of how hard the water was and that a water softener was a necessity.  Wanting to make a difference he established Superior Water offering old fashioned in-home water testing.  Beginning in Stouffville, Superior Water has expanded its service area to include surrounding York Region areas, as well as Uxbridge and Lindsay in the Durham Region and surrounding areas. 


A representative will visit your home or establishment, test your drinking water, and offer a no obligation plan to help treat your water. 


As experts in water treatment, Superior Water offers a number of services:

    • Water Softeners

    • Reverse Osmosis

    • Ultraviolet Systems

    • Iron Removal

    • Well Water Pressure Tanks and Pumps

    • Repairs to most water treatment equipment

    • Rental and Lease-to-Own Plans


“What a difference soft water makes”